VSConsulting is a Washington, D.C.-based firm providing its clients with services in four main practice areas:

  • Strategic business consulting
  • Federal Government interaction
  • Federal Government funding
  • International business development

Combining its government connections with real-world national and international business experience, VSConsulting offers a nexus of skills that’s increasingly important in the modern world.


VSConsulting can tailor its services for clients seeking an entree into the U.S. or Federal marketplace, looking to grow internationally, interested in Federal funding, building coalitions of likeminded organizations, or pursuing many other opportunities.


Flexibility is a cardinal virtue at VSConsulting. With our access to companies and talented individuals throughout industry and government, we can find an answer for almost any challenge.

Services & Capabilities

Strategic Business Consulting

  • Everything it takes to enter the U.S. market
  • How government relations affect your marketing, public relations, and other business activities
  • Coalition building
  • Sustainable Development and Alternative Energy

Federal Government Interaction

  • Understanding how the U.S. Government affects your organization
  • Doing business with the Federal Government
  • Building relationships with decision-makers

The Basics of Federal funding

  • Conceiving and editing grant proposals
  • Supporting applications
  • Identifying potential funding sources

International Expansion

  • Customized business solutions
  • International expansion
  • How to enlist U.S. Government support to enter new markets